I feel that every time I had a hard day at school, I would come home and my mom had a fresh batch of cookies waiting. I don't know how she knew but she always did. No matter what had gone on during the day, the cookie somehow quieted down my lively mind and gave my heart a hug. When you bake something, it is personal. You decide what goes in and how much effort goes into them. Cookies are made to share as you make a batch of cookies never an individual one. Sharing a cookie with someone is like giving them a piece of your heart. You are spending the time to make it perfect just for them and that creates a bond. I'm hoping to stretch out a hand and offer people a warm hug whilst providing them with the path to help someone in need through my cookies. A cookie always adds a ray of light to my day and through this fundraiser hopefully I can add a ray of light to your day and to the people we are donating to.

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