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Our February - March 2022 Event

We've selected <TBA> to actively raise funds for!  We are passionate about this local charity because of the Catholic Mission and support for mothers and their children. It is our commitment that 100% of the funds we raise will be sent directly to the <TBA>. 

Below are the 3 Simple Steps to help US make a big impact! 

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Decide if you want to 
Shop to Donate or Just Donate

  • Shop to Donate: Check out our online store to chose a product (e.g. homemade cookie, hand made jewelry, etc.). We are asking for a minimum donation of $5.00 / product. 

  • Just Donate: Check out our Just Donate page to donate through our secure PayPal or Venmo accounts.

100% of your donation amount, regardless if you Shop or Just Donate, will go directly to the Event Charity!


Your purchase will be delivered to your child's homeroom classroom

Cookies will be individually wrapped, sealed, and delivered to your child's homeroom classroom on a specified date chosen by the school.

  • When you place your order online, please make sure to completely fill out the form indicating your child's class and name so we can deliver!

  • If you choose to "Just Donate" a Thank You card educating your child on the cause and impact we made together will be delivered to your child's classroom. 

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Clapping Game


Celebrate together!

After the Fundraising Event has closed, we will provide an update to <YOUR SCHOOL> of the Total amount we were able to raise for our selected Charity! You will also receive a receipt for your Donation - Thank you!!!